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Jul 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
all next. we give you more fun facts and faith. >>> good morning. we're glad you're with us this sunday morning just one month away with hundreds of men and women with the friends of the organization they sipped their shoes to take a walk to prevent breast cancer. i speak of the beloved and news reporter who turned her own diagnosis into a crusade. >>> a star television news reporter with legions of loyal fans in the bay area. a devoted daughter and wife and stepmother but then spring of 1997 faith that terrifying news a mammogram had detected a lump in her left breast and doctor say it was cancer. she decided to go public with her on this because she believed she could use her celebrity to raise public awareness about breast cancer. current interest friend the case tv you baker produced your story to print series the loud channel to viewers to follow face into the operating room and her mastectomy. the view is inspired by her praise termination to live her life to the fullest in spite of the ravages of the disease. she left this earth in 2003 of her legacy lives on in the friend
Jul 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
often succeed here with they do most of us don't on bay area focus next. >>> welcome to the show. when it comes to career and a vice marty is a favorite on- line, nationally, in the bay area and on the show. they chose him to headline the august series the future of work and how to identify and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow. with unemployment still too high it sounds like information we all need. we welcome back from the commonwealth club dr. carole fleming that spearheads the series and a career coaching future headliner for the series and welcome good to have you here. let's start first with carol unemployment is still way too high and your triage with putting together a month-long series so hard to you start in wordy began. >>> a restaurant on this over your group except plant each year the series have to pick a topic that i think is going to be important for the commonwealth club membership and the general public and over a year ago i thought this jobs businesses not getting better and i bet it's a winning issue a year from now. so i asked of the volunteers at the commonwe
Jul 22, 2012 8:00am PDT
but you mentioned that i like the fact used to turn group term reprieve because we did dodge a bullet to couple of weeks ago the governor signed a budget that little bit of money back in the state parks this a little bit for a statewide nonprofit to regain out over 27 grants to about 29 parks to the tune of zero hundred and $50,000 to other non profits in the field trying to enter into operating agreements with in the state. but all sounds fantastic but it is very temporary. bust ever grants are for about a year and even then some of the parks will be kept open only a couple of days and weeks but were facing another round of closures and a year and less to find a long-term solution. greta that come under said the idea he was going to save $22 million a year. and yet a red parks generate $6 billion yearly. >>> everything going into and around a park the state this study that found people spend an average $43 per visit which does it sound like a lot until you realize his return 50 and 60 million visits a year the state parks are a huge economic generator. >>> hawk and 6 billion d
Jul 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
community. admit that jewish film festival's new director telling us what plane for your 32 opening this week. off >>> well done today area focus. any winning news anchor has been telling people stories in keeping us informed on that date area for over 40 years of numerous awards for her work and cutting her own story a candid blocked a cancer treatment to survival. from that came a nonprofit group that she started to decrease mortality in the latino community. welcome back assault always a pleasure. predraft asking first of all how are you doing? >>> i'm fine at the click most people in the world sutter multitasking your always a little tired a little racing too fast but compared to 14 years ago when i was diagnosed with cancer and who lost any of my energy that's the one thing i say praise be to because to have the energy back into below to abuse it is a great privilege. >>> i have to say and shared with people that i went there breast cancer the last year so and you were an inspiration to me because i thought if she can get on the air and be on the air every saturday and sunday t
Jul 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
reasonably good shape and feel like if comte the top of the mountain. he did this and all of use all over northern california and southern oregon because it's less crowded camps antoninus jammed with a nice new cabins their the place to be so quick kings canyon national park. especially kings canyon is one of the great underslung wonders of the west the kings canyon itself is fully spectacular as yosemite valley and doesn't get the use and that the visitation that if somebody does. >>> for people who want to camp out or have family that wants to anyplace that you recommend. >>> abbott say the couple clinton mentioned would be good for that and you somebody isn't that if you get out of the valley. you can usually find camping spots but closer in lots of quick places in the bay area we can't get tough but the cemetery county coast and the big basin and santa cruz is wonderful. so lots of good places one area were featured in our august issue near quincy phenomenal area for camping which is ridiculous and it's less crowded. >>> thanks for joining us it's always fun in the book is a sunset ma
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5